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  • With more than 300 events, we're on track to bring 50,000 people this year, bringing additional economic activity to downtown Milton and surrounding areas.
  • We also saw a 300% jump in volunteer sign-ups this year. Bringing our total number of active volunteers to 113, with almost 2,000 total volunteer hours served.
  • Our education program saw a record number of enrollments for summer camps and for our signature children's theatre program, the Musical Theatre Ensemble, ensuring the continuity of the appreciation and development of live art. We've also provided 33 individual scholarships totalling $10,540 to aspiring children in need.
  • The restoration of our balcony started this year at 80% completion, with construction and finishing work resuming this week!

The Milton Theatre continues to offer the most comprehensive entertainment calendar in the region and it's all because of your support, generosity, and courage to make sure that live art thrives in this space.

Over the years you have seen us add seating, upgrade systems, accessibility, and increase programming. This could not happen without your support. Growing and adapting to new technology, upgraded seating, maintaining a historic structure, and expanding our team...are just some of our goals as we enter the new year. We're in constant pursuit to introduce improvements to elevate your theatre experience, both physical and technical, to ensure that we remain as a premier arts and entertainment venue for generations to come.

Continuing that legacy is actually... quite easy!

All it takes is for 100 individuals to donate $25 dollars monthly, that's it! That's all it takes to ensure that the costs of maintaining our operations is secured for months, and years to come.

Consider becoming a sustaining donor for $25 a month and create a meaningful impact on the Milton Theatre. This venue is a direct reflection of the local community's resilience and shared vision... and we're extremely grateful for the opportunity to be here.